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Edge of Extinction Press and Print Materials

Press Information regarding the OpenSkies Network can be found on the OpenSkies Website

Edge of Extinction original press materials:

Please note: Work on the full version of Edge of Extinction has been suspended. The documents here reference Edge of Extinction before work was suspended. Please check back for updates.

Lambda 540 Poster
(lambda.jpg, 35 kb, 500x375 pixels)

The Lambda 540 is a modification of the invasion craft left behind when the invaders were driven from the earth.


Guess Who's on the Endangered Species List?
(extinct.jpg, 27 kb, 500x647 pixels)

This promotional poster is one of our favorite slogans for the game. Definitely an attention grabber!


Massive Multiplayer Poster
(massive.jpg, 38 kb, 500x588 pixels)

This promotional poster features a fleet of Hover Tanks.


Sell Sheet Side A
(sella.jpg, 28 kb, 500x386 pixels)

The front side of the sell sheet handed out at E3. The design is the same as the "Extinct" poster.


Sell Sheet Side B
(sellb.jpg, 34 kb, 500x386 pixels)

The back side of the sell sheet handed out at E3.


Cybernet Background
(background.html, 21 kb)

A background on Cybernet, the company behind Edge of Extinction.


Immersion Shareholding
(immersion.html, 11 kb)

Information on the Immersion/Cybernet force feedback deal.


Cybernet SystemsCopyright Cybernet Systems Corporation