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Edge of Extinction News and Development

The E.O.E. Portal Log is an update on the state of Edge of Extinction development and status, from the mouths of the developers themselves.

Our first public release version of the Edge of Extinction Test program is released. The OpenSkies Network servers are now online 24/7 to support the game.

The version of Edge of Extinction that we will be using for our network alpha test is in final testing.

There are some new screenshots of the various vehicles in Edge of Extinction.

Mmog.net is running an advance preview of Edge of Extinction. At last report, the site was only working properly with Internet Explorer, however.

There are some new screenshots of the panel display as it appears before our artists get ahold of it.

A minor milestone today, this morning we have the first working version of the game panel display, with working radar and text chat.

There are a few newer model shots on the screenshots page. We have the game working, and are planning our first larger-scale network test this week.

French gaming site Jeuxmag has the first non-english language preview of Edge of Extinction on their website.

The Multiplayer Online Games Directory now has a short blurb on Edge of Extinction.

Betazine recently ran a small article previewing Edge of Extinction.

00.05.17b (later in the day)
Ok, I lied. The movie trailer, press materials and new screenshots are all up TODAY. Have a look! If you were at E3, you already saw most of these.

Well, here we are a few days recovered from E3, and we're all still exhausted! Truly, we were surprised just how much attention we did get there, and we've all come home very energized by the positive vibes all our visitors poured upon us. Press mentions are beginning to show up, and traffic around here will certainly start picking up now.

We couldn't do remote updates from the conferenece due to some server and router issues, and we apologize for that. But we really wouldn't have had much more to say than how cool it all was!

On the production front, our developers kept at it while we were away, and so now we're getting started on the game displays. If you saw the pre-alpha movie at E3 (it'll be on the web site THIS WEEK if you didn't), you'll have noted that there were no vehicle controls visible. That is about to change.

The first trailer for Edge of Extinction is done, and we'll be making it available on the website as soon as we return from the E3 conference. If you'll be at the conference, drop by and visit us! We'll be signing up beta testers and showing our pre-alpha movie, and maybe even giving away a few cool "Humanity is Dead" t-shirts...

In the meantime, we're shipping everything out for the conference. We'll be out there from Wednesday the 10th to Sunday the 14th, and we'll file reports on how things are going in Los Angeles right here for you to read along with!

Turns out only SOME people on the net could get to us, for whatever reason. That should be fixed today, and people should be able to get in. We've added our story page, so the entire basic structure is now in place. Welcome, everyone!

The web site is ready to roll, and the URL is exposed to the internet, though we have yet to advertise it or announce it. The movie script is going in today as well. End of a very productive week.

Plans have been finalized for our promotional movie, a 2 minute-or-so intro to Edge of Extinction that we plan to premiere at E3. The movie will be downloadable from this web site sometime after E3. Vehicles in Edge of Extinction are now firing our first weapons.

An early rendering of one of our hover tanks...We're getting very close to launching the website. We're waiting on Bulletin Board implementation, and some initial press releases, which should happen over the next couple weeks. We're also adding our first concept art shots to the site today.

Our networking guru is in town for the week, as opposed to working remotely, so we're looking to get a lot of networking issues fixed in a hurry -- if not all of them. Other minor developments today: header graphics for the website, and a few T-shirt designs we whipped up today as promo materials. The shirts are actually cool enough that we may sell them on the website, and hand them out to our friends. The website, meanwhile, should be open to the public by the end of the week.

While our programmers slave away coding, the web team is putting the finishing touches on the main graphic we will use to head our webpage, box, and every other promo material we can come up with. We may have the website open to the public by the end of next week if all goes well. Six of us will be attending the E3 conference in Los Angeles, the second weekend of May, in order to showcase Edge of Extinction. Most of our programmers are not going to the conference, however -- we're going to lock them in the development room while we're gone, and have someone toss in raw steaks and coffee from time to time to keep them going.

The Edge of Extinction website has taken shape (version 0.5), and the first daily updates will begin appearing. These entries will keep you up to date on the latest development news for Edge of Extinction All entries previous to this date are retroactive entries made for the sake of filling in the development timeline.

The first networked tests of Edge of Extinction take place. Initial tests run on a range of 2-4 computers running processors ranging from Pentium 200s (the projected minimum requirement for Edge of Extinction) to 450s. All have OpenGL enabled graphics cards (another projected requirement).

Versions 0.1 and 0.2 of the Edge of Extinction Portal are both coded today.

The very scary intial layout plan...The Edge of Extinction website-to-be is sketched out on a whiteboard, based off art concepts put together by our head artist. The initial design appears to the right. The full size version isn't any more readable than the picture is.

(High bandwidth and big monitor resoultion people can see a larger version by clicking on the image)

The first press mention of Edge of Extinction is made. This is the first public disclosure of the game's name.

The first version of the story behind Edge of Extinction appears (it will undergo many revisions).

Cybernet announced intention to premiere a game based on the OpenSkies engine at E3 in May.

Beta version of the OpenSkies Training System is released to the public.

The OpenSkies Training System is released at I/ITSEC99.


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