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Edge of Extinction and the OpenSkies Network

Edge of Extinction is the result of years of work to create a networked simulation matrix what would succeed where lesser systems fail. Edge of Extinction (the game) and the OpenSkies Network both evolved out of the OpenSkies Training System, a state of the art networked simulation system built for the U.S. military by Cybernet Systems. The version of EoE you can play now is a simple version based on the existing work put into turning EoE into a full-fledged massive multiplayer game. The OpenSkies Network has evolved into a licensed networking system used by MMOG companies such as Taldren (Starfleet Command 2) and Tesseraction.

You can read all about the OpenSkies Network on it's own web page. But if you're here, the EoE game engine is probably what you're wanting to play around with. Drop by our download page to get it, then head over and create an account. Then you're ready to go!


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